L & D Well Service

L&D Well Service is the premier company providing services for oil and gas wells in the
Southwest Virginia area, and have even expanded their operations to parts of
Tennessee and West Virginia.
L&D is one of the largest well servicing companies in Southwest Virginia at this
moment. We currently own and operate 13 rigs and have over 70 employees.  L&D
believes in striving to satisfy their contractors while still upholding the highest concerns
of safety for their employees.  
Since L&D was founded in July of 1999, it has grown from just a small business to what
it is today, a thriving and self-efficient company.  L&D was founded by current President
Michael Leon Boyd, and current Vice-president, Virgil Lawson Jr.
L&D takes the highest regard to hiring employees, with all considered applicants being
required to take and pass a safety course and drug test in order to be eligible for
employment.  L&D also takes serious considerations to keep current employees safe by
requiring them to regularly attend weekly safety meetings and also take
and pass
random drug tests.

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